About Us

ARMR comes from the house of Naturedge, and in association with the Baidyanath Group. This is why we have been able to bring the traditional science of Ayurveda into the fast-paced lives we live today.


We believe that healthy can be tasty, easy and a whole lot of fun. That’s why we’ve created ARMR, a range of Anti Hangover and Pro Immunity shots. Why shots, you ask? Well, why not! They’re quick, they’re convenient and now, they’re good for you! Who knew that you could get the ultimate immunity boost, by simply chugging a shot a day! And if you want to say goodbye to those dreaded hangovers and wake up feeling like a million bucks, just ARMR up before your first drink! It’s that simple. It’s that effective.

After sourcing select ingredients from all across India, finding the exact formula of great health and great taste, and putting it all together in a format that’s easy and fun, we’ve made it possible for you to ARMR up - night, day and in every way.

All our shots have been clinically proven to be safe, healthy and effective by the Clinical Trials Registry - India (CTRI). Check out our various certifications here.


Life today is more stressful, more hectic and more overwhelming than ever before. Whether it’s tight deadlines, unending meetings, long commutes or increased pollution, we rarely see a moment of calm to let our bodies switch off and recuperate. This often leads to a rise in illnesses, increased alcohol consumption, depleted immunity and lower productivity.

ARMR was created to let you keep up with the hustle of everyday life while never missing a beat. No more viral infections, no more pesky hangovers, no more second best. Just ARMR up and own the day.


With the highest quality ingredients, unmatched R&D, and state of the art innovation, we’ve made sure that our shots pass the strictest industry standards. That’s why all our ARMR shots are clinically approved and backed by science.